Sightlife: Restoring Sight to Thousands Around the World

Join hosts Paul Akers and Jon Lussier of “The American Innovator” radio show (KGMI-AM Bellingham, WA) as they talk with SightLife’s president and CEO, Monty Montoya. Learn about this organization’s vital work restoring sight to thousands of blind people around the world. Working both domestically and abroad, SightLife harvests corneas, creates eye banks, conducts surgeries, and trains doctors in third world countries to conduct these life altering treatments. Medical Eye Center’s own Dr. Matt Oliva travels with SightLife on numerous sight-restoring expeditions and was host Paul Akers’ surgeon for the very same procedure. Find out how simply checking the donor box on your driver’s license can improve the quality of life for others.

Listen to the podcast here.


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