Annual Eye Exams are Important for Children and Adults

Annual Eye ExamsAnnual eye exams are an important part of a good general health plan.  For adults, eye exams are a way to detect some diseases while still in the early stages, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

For children, who might not know what good vision is or may not be able to describe their own vision problems, an annual eye exam is extremely important.  Sometimes poor vision in children isn’t caught until a teacher reports that a child is having trouble seeing while in the classroom.  At this stage, a child may have already suffered poor grades or other problems simply because they need to have their vision checked.

Vision screenings are sometimes performed by school nurses or other providers.  However, a vision screening does not replace a comprehensive eye exam.  If you or your children haven’t had an annual eye exam, please call Medical Eye Center in Medford to schedule an appointment.  Comprehensive eye exams are critical to protecting your vision your entire life.


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