Annual Eye Exam

Many people wait until they notice a change in their vision to see their eye doctor. But eye problems are often silent – meaning they have no symptoms – and this can be dangerous to the person who is neglecting their eye health while waiting to see a change before getting their exam. An annual eye exam is an important part of maintaining great vision and overall health.

Don’t wait until a street sign looks blurry or you have trouble seeing objects close up to have a complete eye exam.  It’s important to understand that an eye examination is not only a simple vision check. A comprehensive eye exam is a fairly complicated series of tests that not only checks your eye sight, but also neurological function, eye pressure, eye muscle coordination and health of the external and internal eye structures. Regular eye exams can also detect life-threatening conditions such as a brain tumor and high cholesterol. During your exam in Medford, your eye doctor will look for eye muscle imbalance, vision disorders and eye disease that could potentially cause future problems.

If you wear contact lenses, an annual eye exam and contact lens evaluation is necessary. Besides making sure your prescription is up-to-date and checking the health of the eye, your eye doctor evaluates the curvature of the cornea and inspects the eye for microscopic complications related to wearing a contact lens. Abnormal blood vessel growth related to a lack of oxygen to the cornea is another thing that may be checked for at your annual contact lens examination.

Vision is one of our most important senses and having good eyesight greatly improves quality of life. Make an effort to keep your eyes in their best condition by having a thorough examination every year. To schedule an annual eye exam with one of our eye doctors in Medford, contact Medical Eye Center at 800-824-2688 or today.


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