Spring for LASIK

Have you been thinking about having LASIK?  Here are a few reasons why spring is the perfect time to have LASIK.

Warm weather activities

The outdoors is calling!  Whether you love hiking, fishing, camping or swimming, outdoor activities can be a drag when you depend on your eyeglasses or contact lenses to see.  Not to mention that any kind of water that gets between you and your contact lenses is unsafe for your eyes.  Having to remove your contacts before showering or taking a dip in the hot tub, pool, or lake is no fun.  If you wear eyeglasses, bringing your pair of prescription sunglasses is just one more thing to think about in preparation for your hike.

Vacations abound

Are you planning your next spring, summer, or long holiday weekend vacation?  Having LASIK now will result in one less thing to think about while you’re planning and packing for your next trip.  Packing for you and your family takes enough time and effort.  But when you wear glasses and contacts, remembering to pack your eyeglasses case, extra contact lenses, contact lens solution, and your contact lens case adds to the arduous process.  Imagine not having to worry about those extra items on your next vacation!

Invest in yourself

Spring is a great time to give yourself the gift of LASIK.  You’ve got some time before the holidays and gift giving season starts again.  Getting a tax refund this year?  What better way to spend it than on an investment in yourself and your sight?  If you need low monthly payments that fit into your budget, don’t forget we have interest free financing options available through Care Credit.

Schedule your LASIK surgery now, and enjoy some freedom during your outdoor activities this spring and summer!  Call us at 541-734-4816 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

To learn more about LASIK, visit www.medicaleyecenter.com and virtually attend our LASIK webinar on May 30.


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