An Update for Our Patients On How COVID-19 Is Affecting Medical Eye Center

Health Alert: COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

To our valued patients,

Now that we have finished suspending most of our operations due to recommendations from the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the executive orders issued by Governor Kate Brown, we wanted to share with you what it is that we’re continuing to do and what we’ve stopped doing due to COVID-19.

At this time, Medical Eye Center is still restricting non-essential appointments for patients, and focusing on urgent medical visits.​ If you are unsure of whether or not your condition is urgent, please call us at 541-779-4711 so that a doctor may assess your symptoms.

If you do have an urgent problem but are experiencing a respiratory illness or other symptoms of the Coronavirus, please contact us prior to coming into our facility.

We are continuing to be extremely cautious about cleaning and sanitizing our high traffic spaces and frequently touched areas/items.

As stated above, we have prioritized and rescheduled patients to ensure those with critical medical needs are seen in the very near future, while those with routine requests are being rescheduled for a later date.

Our team members are screening patients upon arrival. We have reduced the number of hours we are open. We have also reduced our staffing to mirror our hours of operation.

Please call (541) 779-4711 before stopping by the clinic to ensure that we are open and that the service you require will be available.

If your glasses break and you cannot function due to not having a back-up pair, give us a call at 541-779-4711.

If you have a valid prescription for contact lenses that needs to be filled, we will take your order over the phone and arrange for them to be shipped directly to you.​ If you order a year’s supply of contact lenses, shipping will be free.

For more information on how we’re responding to COVID-19, click ​here​ to read our full update.

Medical Eye Center is still here for you. Please reference ​this​ website for tips regarding eye safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Stay safe and well,


Medical Eye Center


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