Telemedicine Now Available at Medical Eye Center

Doctor video consultation

We’re still here for you! Though Medical Eye Center has restricted non-essential services due to COVID-19, we’re excited to now offer a telemedicine program.

What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine refers to a variety of healthcare services that can be offered remotely, whether through a video visit or a phone call. Telemedicine gives you the ability to speak directly with your healthcare provider just as you would in an in-person appointment, but allows both you and your provider to continue social distancing and remain safe.

How will telemedicine affect my upcoming appointment?
If you have an appointment already scheduled with us, you will be receiving a call from us shortly to determine whether your appointment could be rescheduled or conducted via a telemedicine visit.
Many of the services that we provide can be performed through live audio-visual communication, such as Zoom. Some visits can even be performed by telephone call, email, or patient portal messaging.

What if I want to schedule a new appointment with Medical Eye Center?
If you have an eye care need in the coming weeks, including a routine follow-up appointment, please call us at 541-779-4711 to schedule an appointment. We will then perform a brief screening to determine whether the visit can be completed remotely. If possible, we will set up an appointment for you to video chat with your provider.

What if I have an urgent eye-related need or appointment?
For visits that cannot be completed remotely, we will still continue seeing urgent medical visits in our office. Your safety is our top priority, and we are taking every possible precaution by disinfecting and sanitizing our clinic, and maintaining social distancing measures. (To read our full update on how we are proceeding with patient care through the unique challenges posed by COVID-19, please click ​here​.)

If you’re not sure whether an in-person visit is needed, you can contact us by phone or patient portal message. Your doctor will determine if a phone, video, or in-person visit must be scheduled.

What if I haven’t set up my patient portal?
If you haven’t signed into your patient portal yet, now is the perfect time to do so! Our patient portal allows you to easily confirm, reschedule, or cancel your appointment. To sign in to your patient portal, click ​here​. Call our office at 541-779-4711 with any patient portal questions, and for your sign-in information if you do not have it.


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