Choosing a Career at Medical Eye Center: Ophthalmic Technician

Eyeglasses in front of an eye chart ophthalmic technician medical eye center

When it comes to eye care, we know that patients want to trust and feel heard by the staff of the practice they call home. Entrusting your healthcare to a team can feel overwhelming, but with a caring practitioner and knowledgeable staff, our patients leave feeling confident with the steps they have taken to improve their eye health. That’s why we also believe that the people we bring along to join our team are important, valued, and unique! Are you searching for a fulfilling and meaningful position within the eye care sector? Our position as an Ophthalmic Technician may be perfect for you. Here are some of the questions we receive from candidates who are interested in this open position:

What does an Ophthalmic Technician do?

Although the title can sound intimidating, this is actually an entry-level position where we supply the training. You serve as an assistant to the provider (the physician who provides the primary care for the patient), recording the reason why the patient is being seen, testing and taking measurements, recording data from vision tests, obtaining a complete medical history, and summarizing/documenting their visit. You may also prepare and assist for minor procedures, and remove or apply dressings, under the direction of the provider. Lastly, you will be stocking and cleaning the exam rooms and making sure they are up to the standards needed for each procedure or exam. These are just an example of the jobs and duties that the position includes, but you’ll need to refer to our full job description to see the entirety, and know that working in the medical field can sometimes be filled with surprises. We value flexibility and a willingness to learn and grow. Communication and patient care are your primary roles, and our awesome ophthalmic technicians are also the bridge between the front desk to the provider.

What kind of training is required?

Our applicants must have graduated from high school, or have an equivalent diploma. Our entry-level new hires also undergo ten weeks of comprehensive, one-on-one training. Some of the things you will be learning include familiarity with the billing and insurance codes, knowledge of eye terminology and anatomy, proficiency in EMR (electronic medical records), and how to abide by healthcare regulations and rules to protect patient privacy. Medical Eye Center prides itself on providing thorough training that empowers all new employees.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Because our patient care is unmatched and we hold high standards, the right candidate is someone who will always put our patients’ needs first. We also look for people who have a team mindset, who enjoy working in a high-energy and dynamic environment, and are willing to communicate accountably. Our ideal recruit will be professional in all areas, will abide by ethical standards, and will be able to meet tasks and demands with a positive and patient attitude. Medical Eye Center is a place where you can learn, grow, and expand your professional goals, so we look for people who want to invest in our culture and future. Some of our Ophthalmic Technicians have gone onto successful careers within the practice in positions such as Spa Manager, Refractive Surgery Manager, Clinical Services Manager, Marketing Director, Chief People Officer, and Chief Operating Officer.

Why Medical Eye Center?

We are a growing, evolving practice that has served our community with passion and care for over 100 years. Joining our team will give you an unparalleled experience in the medical field, and the chance to learn under providers who are leaders in eye care. You’ll also receive competitive benefits, including employer-paid medical insurance, 401K with employer matching program, 7 paid holidays, a robust discount program for employees and household family members,  and more.

If you’re someone who wants to experience new and exciting things at your job, and who has an excellent work ethic, we think you’ll find Medical Eye Center to be a place where you will thrive. We see you here. Apply now.


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