Choosing a Career at Medical Eye Center: Registered Nurse / Licensed Practical Nurse

If you’re in the healthcare profession, you likely entered the medical field because that’s more than just career advancement. Many healthcare professionals desire to help others and apply practical skills that align with their passions and dreams. Throughout the pandemic, the world placed new pressures on healthcare professionals who served as first-line responders. Because of this, many healthcare workers also found themselves overworked, struggling with mental health issues, or feeling under-appreciated. At Medical Eye Center, we believe that respect and gratitude towards our healthcare providers should be present daily. We have worked hard to build a culture where our nurses feel valued for the unique gifts they bring to our organization. If you are looking to enter the medical field or make an employment change, here’s why being a nurse at our state-of-the-art facilities is so special:

What does a nurse do at Medical Eye Center?

Our nursing staff plays an integral role in the inner workings of our facility, and they do various essential tasks. Our nursing staff thrives because of the high value we place on their role in patient care, which inspires confidence and joy. We employ both Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Our ideal candidate will work directly in patient care during the pre and post-operative times. They also assist in intra-operative care in the operating room. Nurses will interview patients, collect and review medical and health information, and monitor vital signs. They also carry out appropriate treatment plans, assist with patient positioning, and provide ample support to surgical teams. Additionally, nurses ensure asepsis in the surgical field and coordinate communication with our patients’ team members and family members. Because the medical field can be unpredictable, we value individuals with a strong work ethic willing to step into various nursing roles as needed.

What kind of training is required?

At Medical Eye Center, we believe that our culture and team are the powerhouses behind our organization. This is why we look for qualified candidates eager to contribute to the team mentality. To start, we are seeking nurses who are currently licensed. Other preferable qualifications include:

  • ADN or BSN-level of education (for an RN position)
  • Prior nursing experience
  • Experience working in the ophthalmic setting, including familiarity with eye procedures and surgeries
  • Attention to detail when recording patient data
  • Strong interpersonal skills for working with patients and caregivers

We prefer experience in an outpatient or same-day surgery center, post-anesthesia care, or critical care. However, if you are a licensed nurse candidate who possesses skills and attributes that we value, we are happy to train you for this full-time position.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Because our client care is unmatched and we hold high standards, the right nursing candidate will be someone who will always put the needs of a client first. We also look for people with a team mindset who enjoy working in a high-energy and dynamic environment. Our ideal recruit will be professional in all areas, will abide by ethical standards, and will be able to meet tasks and demands with a positive and patient attitude. We seek out recruits who:

  • Who are detail-oriented and eager learners
  • Who thrive when collaborating with team members to achieve a successful result
  • Who are compassionate and accountable for their actions
  • Who embrace positive change and are adaptable

Why Medical Eye Center?

In 2021, the NSI National Health Care Retention and RN Staffing Report found some sobering statistics: hospitals experienced an increase in turnover (6.1%), and RNs left the workforce at an alarming rate. In addition, their 2021 study showed that nurses felt that the adverse patient outcomes, emotional and physical exhaustion, and amount of professional burnout, were too high a cost. At Medical Eye Center, we aim to recruit medical staff who want to be part of a growing team and have a long-term, emotionally healthy future with us. We believe in honoring work-life balance to cultivate that kind of positive experience (with staff who love their job). Our competitive salary and retention bonuses reward our employees for their work, but we also invest in the lives of our employees through exceptional training and healthy work culture. Here are a few ways we offer practical employment support:

  • Wage increases and bonuses for obtaining advanced certifications and licensing
  • When an LPN obtains their RN, they receive a one-time bonus
  • We offer company-sponsored opportunities for professional development (women’s leadership conference, work-life balance classes, equity, wellbeing, etc.)
  • Management development classes via Leadership Boot Camp

We also offer competitive benefits and paid holidays. In addition, we are temporarily offering new LPN and RN hires a hiring bonus of $1000 delivered at the end of 30 days of employment. Our long legacy of quality care is rooted in the quality of people who serve our patients. We think you can be integral to this ongoing legacy by joining our Medical Eye Center staff today.

Apply here for our Registered Nurse / Licensed Practical Nurse positions.