Brand Profile: Exclusive Review of Maui Jim

As Southern Oregon’s premier eye care center, we are proud to offer our patients a holistic experience that matches the individual personalities, needs, and life stories of everyone who walks through our doors. One of the ways that we offer a multi-faceted client experience is by curating our extensive collection of quality eyewear. Maui Jim is one of the brands we currently offer in our optical center, and it’s backed by a rich history of quality and thoughtfulness in its designs. Here is what you need to know and why this brand might be right for you.

A Longstanding Commitment to Quality

Maui Jim was started in the 1980s as a small company selling pairs of sunglasses in Lahaina, Hawaii. The company was started by Walter Hester with the premise that there were no other brands with the right technology to block UV rays and preserve the true colors of the surroundings. Their groundbreaking efforts resulted in stylish sunglasses that allowed the wearer to take in the island’s full beauty. The PolarizedPlus2® lens features the ability to wipe out the harsh glare of many polarized lenses and enhance natural colors. They eliminate an impressive 100% of harmful UV rays and reduce eye fatigue for the wearer (Source). Today, the company boasts over 125 styles of sunglasses and 9 different variations of lenses. They also offer both prescription and non-prescription options.

A Wide and Varied Appeal

These stylish lines of readers and sunglasses appeal to a wide range of people, but the most significant percentage of Maui Jim purchasers are between the ages of 45-54. However, their fastest growing market is people between the ages of 18-34, and their market research shows that the buyers are most concerned with the quality of the brand. These important hallmarks show that a wide demographic appreciates the longstanding commitment to timeless styles and brand loyalty (in fact, the average customer owns four pairs of Maui Jim glasses).

Questions to Consider

Our optical department features quality care and unique follow-up that lasts long beyond your purchase. We carry some of the best brands, including Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, and others. When our expert staff consults with customers seeking a new pair of glasses, they encourage them to think about their goals for wear. Some of these questions to ponder include:

  • What will they be used for (work, sports, pleasure?)
  • Do they have features you need (polarization, anti-glare technology, etc.)?
  • Is the frame right for your face?
  • Is the color and darkness appropriate to enhance your activity and comfort level?
  • Do they offer the proper UV protection?

Why Should I Choose Medical Eye Center for my Sunglasses?

When selecting high-end eyewear and investment, you want to have peace of mind. Medical Eye Center weaves the thread of commitment to quality and care throughout the optical center. Our lines of sunglasses are stylish and contain key elements like durability, comfort, sharp visual acuity, and 100% UV protection. While these lines are certainly available at other places, you can’t replace the level of service and assistance that choosing an experienced optician can give you. We work hand-in-hand with your eye doctor to ensure that you receive the best optics. We also have expertly-trained and knowledgeable opticians ready to assist you with your vision needs. When you purchase your glasses here, you receive free adjustments and minor repairs for the life of your eye prescriptions. We are also open five days a week to help you solve any problems with your glasses.

Choosing to invest in a quality pair of sunglasses takes thought and consideration. Maui Jim’s lines of beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing sunglasses are inspired by the beauty and culture of Maui and provide you with vivid colors and details. Maui Jim frames and lenses are ideal for the patient who wants to balance style and technology and you can find your perfect frame today.

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