Donate Your Old Glasses

Did you know Medical Eye Center provides eye exams and prescription glasses to people in need?

Our doctors and technicians regularly donate their time at La Clinica, offering vision care to low-income patients. We also partner with La Clinica’s annual Migrant Outreach Camp, as well as United Way’s annual Project Community Connect which is dedicated to helping the homeless.

Many of the patients just need simple over-the-counter reading glasses. There are some people, however, who have poor distance vision and can’t afford glasses. With a supply of donated glasses, we can closely match corrective lenses to provide people with a pair of glasses they can use to improve their vision.

Recycle your old eyewear and make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.

Join us in helping others in our community by donating your unwanted glasses. It’s easy—simply donate your unwanted eyewear, and we’ll give them new life by carefully matching them with a low-income patient in need of prescription lenses. Together, we can ensure better vision is available to everyone in our community.

Ask us how you can help!

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