Dos and Donts before an eye exam

What Should You Not Do Before an Eye Exam?

It’s important to schedule annual eye exams to maintain optimal eye health. Eye exams can ensure that you are wearing the correct prescription and help identify eye injuries or diseases. Depending on your personal health and vision history, your eye care provider may recommend comprehensive exams every 1-2 years and many patients want to know

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Man with dry eyes

7 Common Causes of Dry Eye

For many people, having the symptoms associated with dry eyes is a daily challenge. The sensations of burning, stinging, or excessive blinking can impact routines and activities and feel embarrassing. The main reasons for this condition are that the eyes produce fewer tears or the tears are not effective in lubricating the eye. Over time,

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Man standing against a desk

Why Choose a Cornea Specialist?

Your sight is precious. It gives you the ability to read, see the faces of those you love, and visualize things at your workplace or home. At the heart of your vision is one very important structure: the cornea. The cornea, the outermost layer of the eye, contributes between 65-75% of the eye’s total focusing

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Smiling young man in park.

What to Consider When Choosing LASIK Surgery

If you’re someone who wears eyeglasses or corrective lenses, you may have considered LASIK surgery. Over 164 million Americans currently wear a form of corrective eyewear, and many of those people would be candidates for laser refractive surgery (LASIK). If you’ve ever wanted to experience freedom from the hassle of eyeglasses or contact lenses, then

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Woman pondering in front of an eye chart

An Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist? Which Eye Doctor is Right for You?

Did you know that over 16 million Americans struggle every day with untreated or undiagnosed vision problems? Many patients report that they are unsure how to take better care of their eyes, which can lead to increased complications or even permanent vision damage. Fortunately, this is preventable if you schedule regular eye exams. If you’ve

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Save your vision month Medical Eye Center

Five Things to Consider During Save Your Vision Awareness Month

When it comes to thinking about eye health, it’s tempting to think that we are doing enough to protect these valuable organs by simply wearing sunglasses in the summer or getting an updated glasses prescription. The reality is there are many everyday situations in our workplaces and homes that can cause damage to our eyes.

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Young man with older man with a background of vivid colors

Benefits of Cataract Surgery

If your eye doctor has determined that you have cataracts, you may be dealing with the everyday implications of this condition. These can include having trouble driving, difficulty distinguishing certain colors, or seeing a ring of light (a halo) around objects in your surroundings. If you are experiencing these vision challenges, you may be considering

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happy couple looking off into distance

Choosing a Cataract Surgeon in Southern Oregon

If you’ve ever tried driving your car early in the morning, you may have had a hard time seeing through the foggy windshield. This can be quite frustrating, and for those living with cataracts, everyday tasks feel this way all the time: cloudy and blurred. It can create obstacles to driving, walking, and reading. Here

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Woman getting glasses from an eye doctor

Five Things to Consider When Choosing an Eye Doctor in Medford

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to choose medical providers that you trust. Research shows that when you trust your care provider, you are more likely to have better outcomes when faced with health challenges, and are less likely to have anxiety. So, how do you know you’re

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