How does Blade-Free LASIK work?

LASIK restores clearer vision by reshaping the cornea so light can be properly received by your eye. At Medical Eye Center, we use the most advanced LASIK technology available. Here’s how it works:

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Individualized measurement

Your eyes are imaged and analyzed to create a custom profile that is used to automatically adjust laser pulse placement.during treatment.
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Create a corneal flap with blade-free laser technology

The IntraLase™ method is the 100% Blade- Free approach to the LASIK procedure. A precise computer-guided laser replaces a hand-held blade. This process has earned FDA approval and is approved for military personnel, including NASA astronauts.
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Improve your vision with the Excimer laser

Dr. Oliva and Dr. Welling use our own state- of-the-art laser to remove microscopic amounts of tissue. Guided by your surgeon’s expertise, the laser is activated in single pulses and precisely reshapes your cornea without disturbing the surrounding area of the eye.

Blade-Free LASIK at Medical Eye Center

Our surgeons expect your eye to move during the procedure. That’s why Medical Eye Center uses natural movements won’t affect your results. Here’s how…

3-D Eye Tracker

With the 3-D Eye Tracker technology, infrared cameras follow the tiniest motions of your eye and adjust the laser accordingly. If the movement is too great, the laser automatically stops and resumes exactly where it left off, ensuring greater safety during your treatment.

Iris Registration

It’s normal for your pupil to shift from the time your eye is measured to the time of your procedure. Iris registration technology centers your treatment correctly, independent of changes in your pupil. Iris registration also aligns your astigmatism correction in the precise orientation.

Blade-Free LASIK: During the Procedure