LASIK Patient Testimonials

Medical Eye Center LASIK surgeons Dr. John Welling and Dr. Matt Oliva have helped thousands of people reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Below are some of our happy LASIK patient testimonials.

Colleen Pyke

“I’ve worn glasses since I was 10 years old. It’s truly a miracle to be able to see like this!”

Rod Groom

“My contacts gave me a terrible headache.”

Monique Welin

“Saving lives is a whole lot easier without my glasses. After LASIK, my mission became so clear.”

Bonnie Ringo

“With the big cats, losing my glasses could mean losing my life.”

Cindy McWhorter

“For me, LASIK didn’t change any one thing… it changed everything!”

Dr. Richard Martin

“Being dependant on reading glasses was so incredibly frustrating.”

Kelly Dutra

“My contacts were such a pain!”

Samuel Lowell

It’s a modern miracle! I was so impressed by the results that my wife signed up for LASIK the next month. I was particularly pleased by the warmth and genuine interest of Dr. Imperia’s staff. One of the surgical assistants even held my hand during the procedure.”

Dane Halbert

“I wanted the best surgeon I could find. Not because I’d taken a spill on my motorcycle, but because I wanted to avoid one.”

Kathy Hussey

“I’ve worn coke-bottle lenses since I was six years old—until I had LASIK!”

Steve Wisely

“My glasses were a nuisance.”

Nicole Richey

“My eyes are too valuable to choose a doctor based on price!”

Thomas Coon, MD

“I had complete confidence in Paul Imperia. He’s the best LASIK surgeon around.”

Terry Brown

“All the great things I’ve heard about LASIK are true. Like waking up and not fumbling for my glasses before getting out of bed. No more rain drops on my glasses or dust under my contact lenses. I can see at a distance and read without the aid of glasses—all the time. It is just wonderful!”

Nevin Abraham

“I can see a golf ball bounce at 250 yards—without glasses!”

Allison Machado

“LASIK gave me the confidence I needed in the Miss USA pageant.”

Michelle Coble

“I love the outdoors, but my glasses would always get fogged-up. So I attended a LASIK seminar and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Right after surgery, I could read signs across the street and read every label in my kitchen cupboard. Dr. Imperia has changed my life!”

Richard Baize

“When I decided to have LASIK, I did a lot of research. It became clear Dr. Imperia was far and away the surgeon of choice. The unexpected bonus was his truly exceptional staff. Their warmth and compassion were off the chart. This organization is without equal!

Darcie Estes

“I’ve been wearing glasses since 4th grade, but now I can see even better than with my glasses or contacts. Thank you so much!”

Ryan Gut

“After wearing glasses throughout my childhood, getting LASIK is truly the best decision I’ve ever made. I could see 20/15 after the first day! I’ve been so impressed by Dr. Imperia and his staff. I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else. Thank you so much, you’ve changed my life!

Kate Rutledge

“How lucky! I won a free procedure at their informational seminar. But I won more than just LASIK. I won a whole new world of freedom!”

Rob Robbins

“How lucky! I won a free procedure at their informational seminar. But I won more than just LASIK. I won a whole new world of freedom!”

Becky Rollins

“Glasses just don’t work with four kids.”

Rex Walters

“I’m an outdoorsman—and that just doesn’t go with glasses.”