Skin Cancer and Eyelid Lesions

Skin cancer is very common on the eyelid and adjacent facial skin. There are three important considerations when treating skin cancer around the eyes:

  1. Complete removal of the cancer
  2. Reconstruction and restoration of lid function
  3. A satisfactory cosmetic result

Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer

  • A firm, red bump or unusual patch of skin
  • A sore that bleeds and doesn’t heal
  • Unexplained loss of eyelashes
  • Newly acquired flat or elevated pigmented lesions that have irregular borders and growth
  • Persistent red eye or eyelid inflammation that does not respond to medication

Treatment of Skin Cancer

Complete surgical removal and oculoplastic reconstruction of the area may be required to remove the cancer. Due to the very delicate nature of the tissue surrounding the eye, it is crucial to have an expert involved in removing any lesions on the eyelid. Our doctors have the expertise necessary to ensure proper lid reconstruction that will result in normal eyelid function and a satisfactory cosmetic result.