Inwardly Turned Eyelid (Entropion)

Most commonly seen on the lower eyelid, Entropion occurs when the edge of an eyelid turns inward and causes the lashes to rub against the eye. Left untreated, Entropion can cause chronic irritation, watery eye, damage to the clear part of the eye (cornea), eye infections, and vision loss.

Entropion Overview

Symptoms of Entropion

  • Eye or lid pain
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Redness of the eye
  • Itching, tearing and vision loss

Possible causes of Entropion

  • Aging and/or muscle weakness
  • Scars or previous surgeries
  • Inflammation or infection

Treatment of Entropion

Artificial tears and lubricating treatments can help relieve symptoms of Entropion, but surgery is often needed to correct it. During surgery, our doctors can turn the eyelid outward to its normal position. If you have an inwardly turned eyelid, call us today to schedule an appointment.