Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid Eye Disease is a condition that can occur independently from systemic thyroid issues.

Symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease

  • Appearance of protruding eyes
  • Restricted or painful eye movement and double vision
  • Red swollen eyes
  • Eyes too wide open
  • In severe cases, the inflammation of muscles around the eyes can result in compression of the optic nerve, causing visual disturbance

Treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease

If you have Thyroid Eye Disease, you’ll need to be checked regularly to monitor the progress effects of the disease on your vision. Oral medications can be used to help quiet the inflammation that characterizes this disease. In some cases, steroid injections or surgical intervention may be necessary. Your physician will recommend being monitored every three 2-3 months during the “active” stages, and then every 6 months once stabilized.

Our surgeon has the expertise to evaluate and perform many Thyroid Eye Disease-related surgical procedures that can help restore proper visual function, comfort, and appearance.