Specialty Eyeglasses

Specialty eyewear provides the best visual protection and performance when work or recreation requires task-specific viewing.

Computer Glasses

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, your eyes probably need the support of computer lenses. These specially designed glasses incorporate special filters, tints and anti-reflective features to help ease the eye strain caused by extended computer use. Computer glasses can have single-vision lenses or muti-focal lenses which are corrected to see objects clearly from 18-30 inches away. Because the lenses are custom-corrected for one or two distances, you can comfortably view the entire computer screen, which reduces distortions, eye fatigue, and neck pain.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are similar to computer glasses but are custom-corrected to see objects 14-16 inches away. These glasses are ideal for extended reading, or for hobbies that require fine near vision. Over-the-counter reading glasses can be used if you have no astigmatism and need exactly the same correction in both eyes.

Sports Glasses

Sports glasses and goggles are form-fitting eyepieces with sturdy frames and safety lenses that can withstand the impact of collisions and other traumatic events. Be sure to tell us about all the recreational activities you enjoy. There are many designs, colors and treatments for any sport where safety is key.

Industrial and Occupational Glasses

Talk to us about any special or dangerous tasks you perform at work. We can customize lenses for virtually any occupational or safety requirement.