Vision Care

vision-careNever underestimate the importance of your eyes. Your eyes are your window to the world, allowing you to experience each moment life has to offer.

An annual eye exam is about much more than healthy vision. It can help you manage your overall health and well being, too. An eye exam can spot the early signs of serious health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. If you suspect you may need a new prescription, don’t wait. Take the proper steps to ensure you’re seeing at your very best.

Why Are Eyes Important?

Your eyes are made up of two million moving parts, working together to bring you perfect vision. When something this complex is off by even just a little, you may not be seeing your best. While good eyesight is always essential, precise vision plays an important role in every day actions like sending emails and texts, reading menus and street signs, driving safely day and night or catching a movie with friends.

Our prescriptions change subtly over time, so you may believe you’re seeing everything perfectly when you’re unconsciously straining your eyes to see properly. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, neck aches or squinting, you may need a new prescription.

Quality Vision Care

A typical annual eye exam checks both your vision and your eye health. In Medford, your eye specialist will test for near-and-far sightedness as well as put you through a series of tests designed to catch eye conditions and diseases early. Your eyes do so much for you—take the extra step to ensure you’re getting quality vision care from a caring, thoughtful provider.

At Medical Eye Center, we fully understand the importance of eyes. If you’re squinting to see a movie screen or struggling to read an email, it may be time to schedule an eye exam with a quality vision care specialist. Contact Medical Eye Center at 800-824-2688 or www.medicaleyecenter.com today.