Who Does Eye Exams?

Even if you are not experiencing vision problems, it is important to get regular eye exams. Children and adults should regularly consult an eye care professional and have their vision checked in order to diagnose any vision related problems early and treat them effectively. If you are thinking about seeing an eye care professional, but don’t know where to begin, the following may be helpful in finding the right one for you.

Referrals are often helpful in finding an eye care professional. Ask trusted friends, family, colleagues or your regular physician for recommendations. You can even consult your insurance provider to offer you a list of eye care professionals that are covered in your plan. You can also check out online resources.

For effective eye care, you must find a professional who is experienced and knowledgeable. Before finding an eye care professional, you must assess your eye care needs. It is helpful to understand what type of eye care professional you need.

Opticians fit glasses and contact lenses when you have vision related problems.

Optometrists are licensed eye care professionals who prescribe glasses or contact lenses and treat various eye diseases.

Ophthalmologists are state-licensed medical physicians (doctors of medicine or osteopathy) who can provide complete vision care. An ophthalmologist is a specialist who is qualified by lengthy medical education, training and experience to diagnose, treat and manage all eye and visual system problems including vision services, spectacle and contact lens prescriptions, eye examinations, medical eye care and surgical eye care.

Before consulting an eye care professional, make sure you confirm that they are qualified, licensed and have all the credentials and certifications necessary. The eye care professionals at Medical Eye Center in Medford may be a great fit for your vision needs. Contact Medical Eye Center today at 541-779-4711 or www.medicaleyecenter.com to schedule an eye exam.


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