Why Medical Eye Center Recommends Optomap

Optomap is an innovative technology that provides your eyecare provider with a comprehensive, 200-degree view of the inside of your eye in just milliseconds. With this cutting-edge process, Optomap provides a fast and painless alternative to traditional dilation, giving eye doctors a better view of the health of your eyes. Whether you’re getting a routine eye exam or need a detailed view of your eye health, Optomap provides the best possible view. Such a comprehensive view can help detect conditions like Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration in the early stages of progression and can help your eye doctor form a strong treatment plan. At Medical Eye Center, we recommend Optomap to our patients because of the results-based benefits it provides.

What is Optomap? 

Much like a panoramic photo that shows details and a wider view, Optomap gives eye providers a detailed image of the eye and can help identify some major eye diseases. More than 80% of your retina can be viewed with this innovative imaging, which is now being used by almost 13,000 practitioners worldwide. One of the primary benefits is that it also provides a historical record of your retina that can be referred to for years to come. This gives your provider a clear way to track and monitor any eye changes during your annual eye exams. 

The main area that is being viewed (the retina) is comprised of light-sensitive tissue that is vulnerable to a wide range of eye diseases. The Optomap provides a way to see the blood vessels in-depth, which can also point to other health issues you may have. Here are some additional benefits to choosing Optomap:

  • Optomap can allow patients to skip dilation: Many patients are able to skip the dilation drops and process if they don’t have pre-existing conditions or risk factors. Some providers do recommend both Optomap and dilation for evaluation, but in most cases that is unnecessary. 
  • This can be done for patients of all ages: Because of the comfortable and painless process, Optomap is ideal for toddlers, kids, young adults, and senior citizens in addition to adult patients. It is also a great solution to patients who cannot tolerate dilation drops for various reasons (although as mentioned above, some patients still need both). 
  • You can resume your daily activities immediately after: Unlike dilation which can last for 4-6 hours after your eye exam (with blurry vision and the need to wear sunglasses in bright light), Optomap doesn’t impact your vision in any way. Additionally, dilation can take up to 30 minutes, whereas Optomap takes just milliseconds. 
  • Optomap is a way to detect a wide variety of health concerns: Glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy are just some of the conditions that can be diagnosed by viewing the eye. The imaging also allows your eye care provider to track changes in your eye health with side-by-side photos. Please note that if you have diabetes, the AOA still recommends an eye exam with dilation once per year. 

What is it like having an Optomap image done? 

Having an Optomap image done is fast, painless and simple. There is nothing that will touch your eye during the process, which makes it suitable for any age. You will simply look through the device and see a flash of light as the image is being taken. It couldn’t be easier. As mentioned before, your provider may still use dilation drops if needed. The image becomes available immediately for you and your provider to view. 

How do I know if Optomap is right for me? 

First, every patient that we see here at Medical Eye Center receives the utmost level of care, whether they receive traditional dilation or Optomap imaging. However, the benefits of Optomap are excellent and can be a tool to detect eye diseases earlier. It also gives you the opportunity to take an active role in learning and visualizing your own eye health. Although Optomap does incur an additional fee, there are some patients who come to use just because of this simpler and more in-depth way to monitor their eye health. The state-of-the-art benefits are just part of the high levels of care that we offer here in Southern Oregon. If you are wondering whether Optomap is beneficial for you, please reach out today and you can discuss it with one of our qualified staff members.