Focusing on Excellence: A Close Look At The ZEISS VISUFIT 1000

ZEISS Eyewear

In the world of quality eyewear, finding the perfect pair of glasses goes beyond style. A perfect pair needs to fit and become a seamless extension of personality and vision needs. However, finding this combination can be nuanced (and sometimes challenging). At Medical Eye Center, we offer an exceptional range of frames, but we also offer cutting-edge technology that can give our patients improved options. In our constant pursuit of providing clarity and comfort, we are now partnering with ZEISS to offer the VISUFIT 1000.


ZEISS, a global pioneer in optics and optoelectronics, stands as an iconic brand renowned for its commitment to innovation, precision, and excellence. With a rich history spanning over a hundred years, ZEISS has consistently pushed the boundaries of technological advancement, setting new standards in optical solutions across various industries. Founded by Carl Zeiss in 1846, the company has evolved into a multifaceted powerhouse, excelling in the development and manufacturing of high-quality lenses, imaging systems, and medical equipment. ZEISS’s contributions have been pivotal in fields such as microscopy, photography, astronomy, and healthcare, specifically focusing on precision optics. Embodying a legacy of groundbreaking inventions and a dedication to ongoing research, ZEISS remains a trusted name, shaping how the world sees and experiences innovation in optical technology (Source).

What is the VISUFIT 1000?

A platform for the digital centration data determination that creates a 180-degree view of the consumer’s face and the frames using nine cameras and 45 million points.

MEC’s partnership with ZEISS and the introduction of the VISUFIT 1000 in Oregon represents a significant leap in providing the best-fit glasses for customers. Here are some key specifications and benefits of the VISUFIT 1000:

  • More precise measurements: The VISUFIT 1000 utilizes state-of-the-art technology to measure the patients’s facial features precisely. This ensures that the glasses are tailored to fit perfectly and provide optimal vision correction.
  • Visual try-on options: With its advanced capabilities, the VISUFIT 1000 enables customers to virtually try on different frames and see how they look before deciding.This feature enhances the overall shopping experience by allowing customers to visualize their appearance with various frame styles while saving time.
  • New technology: The VISUFIT 1000 is at the forefront of eyewear technology. It offers a level of accuracy and customization previously unavailable, ensuring that customers get glasses that perfectly match their facial structure and preferences.
  • Exclusive to our patients: Being the only machine of its kind in Oregon, MEC’s investment in the VISUFIT 1000 demonstrates a commitment to providing customers with the latest and most advanced technologies in eyewear fitting. To learn more about this innovative machine, find a video introduction here.

Why do properly fitted eyeglasses matter?

Eyeglasses that fit correctly are essential for a multitude of reasons, significantly impacting vision correction, comfort, and overall eye health. The primary goal of eyeglasses is to correct vision issues, and an accurate fit is imperative to ensure lenses are positioned precisely for the intended correction, whether for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Beyond vision correction, a well-fitted pair of glasses offers unparalleled comfort, preventing discomfort such as nose pressure, temple soreness, or ear irritation often caused by ill-fitting frames.

Optimal performance is another critical aspect; when lenses are correctly aligned, visual distortions are minimized, providing clear and accurate vision. Moreover, proper fitting significantly reduces the risk of eye strain, headaches, and potential long-term issues by ensuring the eyes are appropriately positioned behind the lenses. Not only does a well-fitted pair of glasses contribute to better eye health, but it also positively impacts aesthetics, changing vision and getting a few head turns along the way!

From precise vision correction to enhanced comfort, a well-fitted set of glasses offers a holistic solution for patients. To achieve the perfect fit, you can consult with our talented and compassionate team of eyewear professionals, and ensure optimal vision and comfort. Medical Eye Center invites you to step into the future of tailored glasses and experience the best in eyewear innovation. Discover the innovation that is shaping the future by scheduling an appointment today.

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