Eye Exam During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, she expects certain changes in her body. But few women realize that pregnancy can affect their eyes and vision. In fact, the same hormones that are responsible for an enhanced bust line and first-trimester nausea can cause a myriad of vision symptoms including fluctuations in vision, dry eyes and increased eye irritation. The doctors at Medical Eye Center recommend regular eye exams for all their Medford patients, including pregnant women.

There are conditions that increase your risk of vision changes during pregnancy. If you have diabetes (including gestational diabetes), high blood pressure or glaucoma, you are more likely to experience vision changes during your pregnancy. The same is true if you have taken fertility treatments.

Vision changes you may experience include:

  • Changes in prescription, causing difficulty focusing at distance or near
  • Dry eye
  • Constant or occasional blurriness
  • Sensibilidad a la luz
  • Excessive blinking or squinting
  • Changes in night vision
  • Eye strain
  • dolores de cabeza
  • Corneal Swelling

These changes may occur suddenly, worsen gradually or come on intermittently. Depending on when during the pregnancy refractive changes occur, and the severity of the changes, your doctor may choose to either alter the prescription for contacts or eye glasses or suggest a patient wait until she delivers to make changes.

Good Vision for Mom and Baby

Regular eye care is important to both mom and baby. Remember that the actions taken during pregnancy can influence the health of the unborn baby, including their eyesight. Babies of mothers who smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs during pregnancy have a higher risk of vision problems including lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus) and refractive errors.

If you are pregnant and notice any vision changes, contact Medical Eye Center right away to schedule an exam at 800-824-2688 or www.medicaleyecenter.com to schedule your appointment today.


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