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Shopping for eyewear can be overwhelming. We understand that you want quality products, a great selection, excellent value, and expert follow-up care from professionals you can count on. That’s why the Optical Shop at Medical Eye Center is clearly the right choice. We believe your eyewear should be comfortable, stylish and dependable. For over 100 years, we have served thousands of people who want quality, fashionable eyewear for work, play, school and sports. Whether you need glasses or contact lenses, your satisfaction is always our first priority.

Expert Staff

We understand quality eyewear is an investment in your healthy vision. That’s why you can count on our professionally trained, American Board Certified Opticians to provide personal, expert attention that will exceed your expectations. We invest many hours in advanced training and education programs, so our staff can provide you with the most current information on optics and frame styles.

No Fault Warranty

Tough on your glasses? You’ll appreciate our no-fault warranty. Should any misfortune occur (other than loss or theft) we’ll repair or replace your eyewear for one full year from purchase. We’ll also provide a one-time replacement on lenses that are too scratched to wear for at least one full year. Our warranty also covers any defects in frame materials or workmanship for up to a year.

Affordable prices

We offer a wide range of reputable brands and products to meet your needs. We can design quality eyewear to fit almost every budget—from no frills to the very best in frame design and lens technology. We will always provide adjustments, minor repairs and nose pad replacements on your Medical Eye Center glasses free of charge with no appointment necessary.

Great Selection

You can choose from leading eyewear designers including Vera Wang, Nautica, Nike, Ray-Ban, Tiffany & Co., Oakley and other top brands. Plus, we can create custom solutions for computer use, music, sports, scuba diving and other specific activities.

Perfect Fit by Zeiss Visufit 1000

In the world of quality eyewear, finding the perfect pair of glasses goes beyond style. A perfect pair needs to fit and become a seamless extension of personality and vision needs. However, finding this combination can be nuanced (and sometimes challenging). At Medical Eye Center, we offer an exceptional range of frames, but we also offer cutting-edge technology that can give our patients improved options. In our constant pursuit of providing clarity and comfort, we are now partnering with ZEISS to offer the VISUFIT 1000.

A Consumer's Guide to Eyewear

Eye glasses come in a wide range of prices, from $70 for basic eyewear to well over $1000 for the most exclusive brands. Our advice is to purchase your eyewear where you feel the most confident in the optician’s professionalism, knowledge and ability to accurately fill your doctor’s prescription. Medical Eye Center’s reputable opticians work hand-in-hand with your eye doctor, and we offer quality products that will help you see your best. Our reputation has been based on that simple formula for over 100 years.

Discount eyeglass sellers frequently offer low prices by purchasing large lots of discontinued, unauthorized, or poorly manufactured frames. Because these frames are no longer in production, the eye glasses are essentially disposable. If the frames break, they often cannot be repaired or replaced. Discounters often use polycarbonate lenses which do not provide the clearest or most comfortable vision. Similarly, lens designs and technology that was outdated years ago are still being sold by discounters.

Guarantees & Warranties
Guarantees and warranties vary widely by optical store. Some stores provide these benefits at no charge, while others offer warranty coverage for a fee. Medical Eye Center provides the following guarantees and warranties at no cost.

Medical Eye Center warranty

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee – If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason we will offer a full refund on your return or restyle you into a different pair of glasses at within 30 days.

  • 1 year/1 time “no fault” frame warranty for normal wear and tear – If your frames lose functionality through normal wear and tear, we’ll replace your frames at no charge within 1 year.

  • 2 year frame manufacturer’s warranty for defects – If your frames are found to have a manufacturers defect, we’ll replace them within 2 years.

  • 1 year/1 time scratch and anti-glare warranty on lenses – If your lens treatments deteriorate or become damaged, we will replace them at no charge within 1 year.

  • 2 year unlimited warranty on premium lens products – If your premium lenses deteriorate of become damaged, we will replace them at no charge as many times as needed within 2 years.

  • Doctor prescription change at no charge within 90 days – If your prescription changes within 90 days of your exam, we’ll remake your lenses at no charge.

  • Complimentary frame adjustments, minor repairs and cleanings – Protect your investment and keep your glasses in optimal condition by visiting us for regular maintenance. No appointment needed!

  • 20% off additional pairs within 30 days – If you decide to purchase additional pairs of glasses within 30 days of your initial purchase, you’ll receive 20% off.

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Additional Resources

With the availability of so many lenses, it’s important to know that you’re getting the best product for your particular needs. At Medical Eye Center, we’re experts at making sure your contact lenses are a perfect fit.

Expert Staff

Our doctors and technicians invest many hours in advanced training and education programs so they know all about the most up-to-date contact lens options available. That’s how we offer the best expertise and customer service in the business.

Advanced Technology

We carry the most advanced lens materials, and our state-of-the-art equipment offers the best possible contact lens evaluation for each patient.


We have many prescriptions on hand to meet your needs. Most patients can leave the office with a year’s supply of contact lenses on the same day of their visit. If we do not have your contact lens supplies in stock, we’ll have them shipped directly to your home or office at no charge.


Medical Eye Center is a full-service eye care practice. From prescriptions to exams, we’ll take care of all your needs at one convenient location.


Our prices are extremely competitive. We are often less expensive than other local retailers and internet sellers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you cannot adjust to your contacts within 60 days, we will send them back to the manufacturer for a full refund of the material costs.

Contact lenses offer a safe and effective alternative to glasses that may be more suitable for your lifestyle. Contact lenses are thin, corrective disks that cling to the film of tears over your cornea. People have been enjoying the benefits of contact lenses for more than 100 years. At Medical Eye Center, we’re experts at evaluating your eye’s vision and physiology to determine which contact lens is best for you.

The Latest Technology

Over the past decade, advances in technology have made contact lenses an option for just about anyone who needs glasses. If you were told in the past that you couldn’t wear contact lenses, there’s a good chance that you can wear contacts today. We offer a wide variety of contact lens options to accommodate the individual needs of our patients. Selecting the right contact lens for your eyes involves several important considerations:

Your Prescription

The first step is to find a lens that accurately corrects your vision. If contact lenses are not properly prescribed, your vision won’t be accurately corrected. Because your eyes can change over time, contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year. Your doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes annually to review the accuracy of your prescription and evaluate the fit of your lenses.

A Proper Fit

The lens must fit your eye properly. To accommodate the wide variety in eye shapes, lenses come in many thousands of combinations in diameter and curvature. A poorly fit lens—or one made from a material not well-suited to your eyes—could result in discomfort, inflammation, swelling, abrasion, or other problems that could (in rare cases) result in permanent eye tissue damage.

Medical Issues

Medical issues may also affect your choice of lens. For example, if your eyes tend to be dry, our fitting specialist will choose a lens designed to help address this condition.

Wearing Time

In the past, contact lens wearers removed and cleaned their lenses nightly. With the recent addition of new lens materials, however, some patients are able to wear their lenses for extended periods of time. Extended wear lenses are made of a special material that can typically be worn for 7 to 30 days without removal. Your vision needs and eye health will determine whether daily wear, extended wear, or continuous wear contacts are right for your eyes.

Which contact lens is right for you?

Finding the perfect lens for your eyes may take several tries. People react differently to various lens materials and cleaning solutions. Also, the correct power, diameter and curvature of your lens can be finalized only after you’ve successfully worn the lens. We’re here to help you with this process every step of the way!

There are three primary types of contact lenses. We’ll work closely with you to decide which material is the most appropriate for your lifestyle and individual needs.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contacts are made from a gel-like, water-based plastic. Soft lenses are the most common contacts used today.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Also known as RGP or “oxygen permeable” lenses, these contacts are made from rigid, waterless plastics and are especially good for presbyopia and high astigmatism.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

These contacts feature an RGP center with a soft outer skirt, providing wearers with both the crisp optics of a rigid lens and the comfort of a larger, soft lens.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contact lenses functionally replace the irregular cornea with a smooth optical surface to correct vision problems caused by Keratoconus and other corneal irregularities.

There are a variety of contact lens designs that can help correct vision problems. Your doctor will carefully select the design that best fits your visual needs.

Spherical Contact Lenses

Standard lenses that are used for correcting nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia).

Toric Contact Lenses

These lenses have more than one curvature angle, allowing them to correct for astigmatism, as well as for nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Multi-Focal and Bi-focal Contact Lenses

Just like bi-focal glasses, these lenses contain different zones for near and far vision to correct presbyopia, a decreased ability to focus that occurs as the eye ages.

Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) Lenses

CRT lenses are specially designed to reshape the cornea during sleep, providing lens-free daytime wear.

Colored Lenses

In addition to correcting your vision, many contact lenses also come in colors that can enhance or change the natural color of your eyes. Ask for more information about colored contact lens options.

Do you need new contact lenses? With our LASIK Savings Plan we can help you save up to $1000 towards your LASIK procedure when you’re ready! Click here to learn more.

Visit the American Academy of Opthalmology’s webpage on Contact Lenses.

Specialty eyewear provides the best visual protection and performance when work or recreation requires task-specific viewing.

Computer Glasses

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, your eyes probably need the support of computer lenses. These specially designed glasses incorporate special filters, tints and anti-reflective features to help ease the eye strain caused by extended computer use. Computer glasses can have single-vision lenses or muti-focal lenses which are corrected to see objects clearly from 18-30 inches away. Because the lenses are custom-corrected for one or two distances, you can comfortably view the entire computer screen, which reduces distortions, eye fatigue, and neck pain.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are similar to computer glasses but are custom-corrected to see objects 14-16 inches away. These glasses are ideal for extended reading, or for hobbies that require fine near vision. Over-the-counter reading glasses can be used if you have no astigmatism and need exactly the same correction in both eyes.

Sports Glasses

Sports glasses and goggles are form-fitting eyepieces with sturdy frames and safety lenses that can withstand the impact of collisions and other traumatic events. Be sure to tell us about all the recreational activities you enjoy. There are many designs, colors and treatments for any sport where safety is key.

Industrial and Occupational Glasses

Talk to us about any special or dangerous tasks you perform at work. We can customize lenses for virtually any occupational or safety requirement.

At Medical Eye Center, you can choose from a variety of the latest styles and lens technologies in both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. We feature brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Banana Republic, and many others.

  • Quality sunglasses include the following key elements:
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Sharp visual acuity
  • 100% UV protection
  • Style

When shopping for sunglasses, consider how you will be using both the frame and lens:

  • Do you want them for dress, sports or multi-purpose use?
  • Do they have the performance features you need?
  • Is the frame comfortable, lightweight and durable?
  • If you have skin allergies, is the frame hypoallergenic?
  • If they are intended for high impact use, are the lenses rated correctly?
  • Is the color and darkness appropriate to enhancing your activity and comfort?
  • Do they provide maximum UV protection?
  • What types of lens enhancements will improve your performance and comfort: i.e. polarized, photochromic, and/or anti-reflective lenses?
  • Does the sunwear provide the look and image you want to achieve?

High quality sunglasses can be found at a variety of prices. Our eyecare professionals can help you choose a great pair of sunglasses that fit your needs and your budget.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses eliminate glare and ease eye stress from the sun. Polarized lenses come in a variety of colors and density options. They’re great for driving, golf, fishing, skiing, cycling, hunting and anyone who spends time on the water, on the snow, or in the sun.

Tinted Lenses

You can choose from light to very dark tinting in a rainbow of colors. Tints can be solid over the whole lens, or gradient with darker on top, fading to light or clear at the bottom.

Mirrored Lenses

These lenses not only look cool, they are cool! By providing a reflective surface that makes the eye virtually invisible to viewers, mirrored lenses also protect your eyes from heat and glare. They come in a variety of colors.

  • Have you wondered how much you spend each year on contacts?
  • Have you evaluated the cost over your lifetime?
  • Are your contacts becoming uncomfortable?

What about the lifestyle costs?

  • Do you realize how much time you spend cleaning and caring for your contacts?
  • What type of lifestyle compromises do you continue to make because of your contacts?
  • Have you ever found yourself on the road without your contact supplies?

The LASIK Procedure is not without risk, but wearing contacts has its own risks. If you consider the possibility of infection from contacts, the day-to-day hassle of contacts, and the lifetime costs of wearing contacts, maybe it’s time for LASIK?

Maybe contacts aren’t the answer?

What are you spending on contacts? It may be more than you think, and your long-term spending will almost certainly offset the cost of the LASIK Procedure. Click on the button to see how much you can save.

Save up to $1000 on LASIK

Are you purchasing another order of contact lenses? Are you considering LASIK in the future? With our LASIK Savings Plan we can help you save up to $1000 towards your LASIK procedure when you’re ready! Click here to learn more.

Call us for a Complimentary Consultation

To find out if LASIK is right for you, just call our office and schedule an complimentary consultation. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions, you can meet your surgeon and tour our facility.

  • Ask the specialists at Medical Eye Center about the following lens options that are designed to enhance your unique lifestyle.

    Single Vision Lenses

    These lenses are intended to correct for one of the two common types of refractive error – nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia). They may also correct for astigmatism.

    Multi-focal Lenses

    These lenses correct for more than one refractive error. A common multi-focal lens is the bi-focal lens, where the upper portion of the lens is corrected for distance viewing and the lower portion of the lens is corrected for near viewing (14-20 inches). Tri-focals add a third segment that allows for intermediate viewing (20-36 inches). With traditional bi-focals and tri-focals, the near and intermediate segments are distinct, so they are often referred to as “lined” bi-focal or tri-focal lenses.

    Progressive Lenses

    Progressive lenses were developed to eliminate the lines on bi-focals and tri-focals that many patients find bothersome. Progressive lenses provide clear distance, intermediate and near vision—all with a gradual transition between the different segments. Because there are no lines, progressive lenses are often considered to be more attractive and natural than lined bi-focal or tri-focal lenses. There are over 300 brands of progressive lenses available today.

    Transitions Lenses

    Transitions™ lenses lighten and darken according to UV exposure. They offer the performance of prescription eye glasses and sunglasses in one convenient pair. Transitions lenses are now in their 5th generation, and the speed at which these lenses change color has improved dramatically. They’re also extremely effective in blocking ultraviolet radiation. Learn more at the Transitions website.

    Note: Discount retailers often sell earlier generations of Transitions lenses that are not nearly as fast or dark as the newest generation.

    Scratch-Resistance Coatings

    Scratch-resistance coatings are highly recommended and guaranteed to protect lenses from everyday wear and tear. The coating provides a harder finish to the lens, making the lens far more scratch resistant. Medical Eye Center warranties their scratch-resistant coatings for one full year—even longer in some cases.

    Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses

    Anti-reflective coatings increase functional light transmission, enhance cosmetic appearance and eliminate glare. The coating increases the optical performance of the lenses and reduces eye fatigue, particularly while viewing computer screens and driving at night. New technology has vastly improved these coatings in the past few years. Today, they are much easier to clean and perform far better than ever before. A one-year warranty is provided for these premium anti-reflective coatings.

    Ultraviolet Coating

    This is an additional lens application that blocks Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) emissions from the sun. Research suggests that UVA and UVB radiation may contribute to early cataract formation, macular degeneration, and retinal disease.

    Blue Light Filters

    While the sun is the main source of blue light, there are also many man-made sources of blue light such as compact fluorescent and LED lighting and digital devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops, and TVs). Digital devices only emit a small amount of blue light when compared to blue light exposure from the sun; however, the frequency and prolonged utilization of digital devices as well as the proximity to the eyes during use are causes for concern. Blue light exposure can cause eye strain, headaches, or blurred vision due to reduced contrast sensitivity. Blue light also suppresses melatonin and can disrupt natural sleep cycles. Though consensus within the medical community has not yet been reached, studies are being done to evaluate the impact of blue light on the macula, the part of the eye where our best vision is formed. Some studies have shown that excessive blue light exposure may contribute to macular degeneration, but further research is needed at this time.

    For the reasons noted above, Medical Eye Center recommends incorporating a blue light filter or “blue blocker” treatment to eyeglass lenses to reduce blue light exposure, both naturally occurring and man-made. Not only will a blue light filter help to create a more clear and comfortable visual experience while working with digital devices, it will help to prevent interruption of natural sleeping cycles. For optimal protection, we recommend selecting a blue light filter that also offers 100% UV protection.

  • Lens technology and materials are constantly changing. We’ll help guide you to the best possible lenses that will meet your needs.

    Plastic Lenses

    Plastic lenses were first introduced in 1962 and became more popular than glass lenses in the 1980’s. Traditional plastic lenses are slightly thicker than glass lenses, but are almost 50% lighter.

    Polycarbonate Lenses

    While these lenses are somewhat lighter and thinner than conventional plastic lenses, the optics are not as sharp. Polycarbonate lenses are commonly used by discount chains.

    Phoenix Lenses

    Phoenix© lenses are an advanced material that’s lighter and thinner than conventional plastic lenses and provide vastly superior optics than polycarbonate. Highly recommended for their impact resistance and UV protection.

    High-Index Plastic Lenses

    These lenses are lightweight, provide excellent optics, superior scratch protection, and they eliminate the “Coke-bottle” look for patients with high prescriptions. While high-index lenses are more expensive than regular plastic lenses, high-index lenses are the best option for over half of all patients when considering the weight, thickness and cosmetic appearance of your glasses.

    Glass Lenses

    Glass lenses are still available today, although they are heavier, thicker, less protective and less attractive than other types of lenses.

    Adaptive Lenses

    Adaptive lenses change in tint as the wearer changes their environment. When indoors, the lenses will become clear, when outdoors, the lenses darken. Adaptive lens technology has come a long way in recent years. Many who have had unsatisfactory experiences in the past due to lenses not being responsive enough with lighting changes or lenses not darkening at all while driving will be pleasantly surprised by the new generation of products. Adaptive lenses are now very responsive to lighting changes, are designed to darken when in the car, offer 100% UV protection and some blue light protection and come with highly desirable options such as polarization and mirror finishes.

Selecting the right eyeglass frames can be exciting, especially if you want a new look. First, your optician will help you select the frame material, size, shape and color that suits you. Next, your optician will match the frame design to your lens prescription. With thousands of styles to choose from, you’ll always find a frame you love at a price you can afford. Our selection of frames include designer lines such as:

  • Aristar
  • Banana Republic
  • Café
  • Calvin Klein
  • Carrera
  • Charmant
  • Chesterfield
  • Coach
  • Dragon
  • Europa
  • Evatik
  • Flexon
  • Jimmy choo
  • Kate Spade
  • Line Art
  • Longchamp
  • Maui Jim
  • Michael Kors
  • Modo
  • Nautica
  • Nike
  • Nine West
  • Oakley
  • Prada
  • Ray Ban
  • Safilo
  • Silver Dollar
  • Tiffany
  • Vera Wang
  • Westgroupe

Eyewear Frame Materials

Frames are usually constructed from special plastics, stainless steel, titanium and other high-tech materials. Each material varies in terms of weight, flexibility, durability and cost. In addition, rimless frames that minimize the cosmetic presence of eye glasses are also widely available.

Eyewear Frame Hinges

In addition to the traditional hinges, many eyeglass frames have spring hinges. This feature is particularly important for children and active adults. Spring hinges are more likely to flex with impact and then return to the original shape. Due to the flexibility of some materials, certain frames are designed without hinges, eliminating the possibility of losing screws and enhancing the durability of the frame.

Eyewear Frame Nose Pieces

While plastic frames usually rest directly on the nose, virtually all metal frames rest on the nose using “floating” nose pads. With nose pads, a smaller area of the frame is in contact with your nose, which may increase comfort. In addition, nose pads are easily adjustable to achieve a perfect fit.

The American Board of Opticianry is a national organization that certifies those who dispense and work with eye glasses. The successful completion and maintenance of the certification is evidence of an optician’s skill and dedication. Our American Board Certified Opticians perform many key responsibilities:

  • They’ll assist you in selecting frame styles and materials, as well as the lens designs and options that will improve your vision.
  • They’ll take key measurements in preparation of the manufacturing of the lenses, and they’ll work directly with the lab to ensure your lenses are made correctly.
  • Your eye glasses may need adjustment from time to time, if only from putting them on and taking them off. Performing repairs and adjustments without breaking the frame or lens is truly an art.
  • With their intimate understanding of optics, our opticians are expert problem solvers when you have issues with your glasses.

Advanced Technology

We carry the most advanced lens materials, and our state-of-the-art equipment offers the best possible contact lens evaluation for each patient.


We are a full-service eye care practice. From eye exams to prescriptions, we’ll take care of all your needs in one convenient location.


We participate in numerous vision plans and insurance companies. Please bring your cards and complete vision plan information with you so that we can bill your eye exam and glasses to your insurance company.

A Consumer Guide To Eyewear

Glasses FAQs

Three reasons: quality, value, and convenience. We select top quality frames and lenses to provide you with the sharpest, most comfortable vision possible. We also work closely with your eye doctor to insure that you receive the very best optics. Our American Board Certified opticians are trained to assist you with all your vision needs. As our patient, we’re happy to provide free adjustments and minor repairs for the life of your prescription. Whenever your glasses need an adjustment, just stop by Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and we will be happy to service your glasses at no charge. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!
Prescription glasses can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days, depending on lens design and specialty treatments. Some of the more advanced options and digital free-form designs may take longer.
Ongoing advancements in lens technology provide more options than ever for sharper vision, reduced distortion and lighter, thinner materials. Our opticians will guide you through all the choices to find the eyewear that works best for you.
Most eyeglass prescriptions expire in one year because your eyes may change. It’s also important to have your eyes checked regularly for more serious complications. If you have a problem like glaucoma, cataracts or retinal disease, the earlier the problem is detected, the better chance of successful treatment.
We have a wide range of choices, from reliable budget eyewear to some of the finest designer frames in the world. We believe that quality eyewear should be affordable, functional and provide excellent vision. Many of our patients delight in wearing the latest designs in frames and optics, while others prefer sturdy, functional eyewear. Our opticians specialize in guiding you to eyewear that is the perfect fit for your taste and budget. Whatever you desire, we can probably save you money and help you look great at the same time!

You will benefit from an anti-reflection coating if you experience annoying glare when driving at night, playing sports or working on a computer. That’s why anti-reflection coatings are one of the most popular lens options today. We highly recommend the new HOYA EX3 coating. It provides the highest level of light transmission, which means more comfortable vision and an elegant look. This new coating offers extreme reflection protection and extreme scratch resistance—it’s more durable than glass! EX3 also features an improved hydrophobic layer, providing a finish that resists smudges, fingerprints, dirt and water.

Medical Eye Center now proudly offers all lens coating through ZEISS Vision Care is part of the larger ZEISS Group. With ZEISS Medical Technology, we cover the entire spectrum of eye health care needs during a person’s lifetime. In addition to corrective lenses, Zeiss produces the technology used by eye doctors to test, diagnose and treat eye conditions. ZEISS’s extensive expertise across various fields of optics informs the design and science behind our vision care products – including your ZEISS eyeglasses.

Yes, because it will help us ensure a perfect fit. If necessary, we do have frame tracers that enable you to keep wearing your frame while waiting for new lenses. Keep in mind that it’s important to have a pair of back-up glasses in case of emergency. So if your doctor is prescribing new lenses, now might be the perfect time to start using your current pair of glasses as a back-up.

As with most products and services, you usually get what you pay for. The market is literally flooded with cheap eye glasses. There are “knock off” frames pretending to be quality brands and fake sunglasses as well. In some cases, only the advertised item is lower in price—and that item is not usually the highest quality. Options you may need to achieve your best possible vision are often priced higher, or not available at all. In the end, you could end up purchasing eyewear that won’t work well for you.

Incorrectly interpreted prescriptions or lenses that are improperly manufactured could reduce your visual acuity or even damage your vision. Lenses that do not meet impact standards can be hazardous to wear at work or while playing certain sports. Likewise, prescription sunglasses that fail to protect against ultraviolet radiation can damage your vision, because UV rays contribute to macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal disease.

At Medical Eye Center, we believe it’s important to buy from trusted eyewear professionals. Inferior prescription lenses and sunglasses come with serious potential problems. You don’t have to buy the most expensive glasses. It pays, however, to make a well-informed decision. Protect your healthy vision with quality eyewear. It will save you time, money, and peace of mind.

When you choose Medical Eye Center, your frames have been crafted with the highest quality materials, and your lenses have been made with the most technologically advanced and durable treatments available. Your new frames are guaranteed against breakage, during normal use, for one full year from date of purchase. Lenses, if scratched and unwearable, will be replaced one time at no cost to you within one year of purchase. If you select EX-3 anti-reflective coating on your eyeglass lenses, your warranty is extended to 2 years. This warranty does not cover loss, theft, or minor scratches and chips which have no effect on your vision. This is a one-time only policy and the lens will be replaced with the original prescription.

It is very important to keep a back-up pair of glasses with your current prescription in the event you cannot wear your contacts for health reasons. When you purchase your contact lenses at Medical Eye Center, you are entitled to discounts on prescription glasses and sunglasses. When traveling, it’s always important to have a back-up option, just in case.

We participate with VSP and many other vision and insurance plans. Most plans provide some reimbursement for eye glasses, but rarely cover the complete cost. It’s a good idea to check with your insurance company before your exam in order to understand your vision benefits.

We would be happy to call and have your prescription faxed to us. You’ll just need to sign a records release form in accordance with patient privacy regulations.

We provide you with a high quality protective case, special lens cleaner and a premium chamois cleaning cloth to protect your eyewear investment.

No, the amount of UV protection is not dependent on lens darkness. Some lightly tinted lenses can block 100% of UV rays. Darker lenses, however, may provide greater comfort depending on the light sensitivity of your eyes.

During the day, absolutely! The right sunglasses offer clearer, safer and more comfortable vision while driving by reducing glare and improving visibility. Wearing sunglasses during the day also allows your eyes to adapt to the dark more quickly.

Light is made up of waves that travel in different directions. Vertical light helps us see and is useful to the human eye. Horizontal light, however, creates glare. Glare is concentrated light that’s reflected off a shiny horizontal surface, such as water, snow, glass, or the blacktop on roads. It reduces visibility and makes your vision difficult, uncomfortable—and possibly dangerous—as you drive, cycle, ski, or even just sunbathe.

Polarized sunglasses block virtually all glare. The vertically-aligned polarizing layer inside a polarized lens doen’t allow horizontal light to pass through. Driving is safer with polarized lenses, because when drivers can see clearly, they react more quickly to everyday driving hazards. With this anti-glare property, you can wear polarized lenses every day and enjoy all your activities in safety and comfort.

Spending long periods outdoors without proper eye protection can lead to skin cancer on the eyelids and around the eyes. It can also contribute to damage and diseases such as cataracts. And since ultra-violet light is scattered around the sky, staying out of direct sunlight does not fully protect you. Polarized sunglasses consistently surpass all international safety standards for protection against UVA, UVB and UVC radiation.

Different lifestyles, occupations, and activities require different frames and lens features. Matching your needs with the right kind of eyewear not only increases your comfort and protects your vision, it can also enhance your performance in daily activities or on the job.

Contacts FAQs

At Medical Eye Center you’ll feel confident you’re getting the best contact lenses for your eyes. We research and compare products for you, and we strive to give you the best price on annual supplies with money saving rebates and promotions. We’ll ship your lenses to your home or office for free. Throughout the year, we’ll provide emergency back-up lenses at no charge. You can also exchange unopened contact lenses boxes—as long as they meet manufacturer’s return policy, generally within one year of expiration date with no marks or damage to the boxes.
The two most common wear schedules are a monthly lens that is taken out each night, or a daily lens that is inserted in the morning and thrown away at the end of the day. There are also extended wear lenses made from special materials that can typically be worn for 7 to 30 days without removal. (Keep in mind there is always a risk in sleeping with contacts—even in those that are labeled for this use.) Your vision needs and eye health will determine whether daily wear, monthly wear, or continuous wear contacts are right for your eyes.
Selecting the right contact lens for your eyes involves two important considerations. After a thorough eye exam, the first step is to find a lens that accurately corrects your vision. If contact lenses are not properly prescribed, your vision won’t be accurately corrected. Next, the correct power, diameter and curvature of your lens will need to be determined. A poorly fit lens could result in discomfort, inflammation, swelling, abrasion, or other problems that could (in rare cases) result in eye tissue damage. Keep in mind that finding the perfect lens for your eyes may take several tries.
Because your eyes can change over time, contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year. Your doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes annually to review accuracy of your prescription and evaluate the fit of your lenses.
We have many trial lenses in our office and most patients leave the office on the day of their visit with a set of contacts (or even an annual supply). If your lens is not in stock, we can sign you up for our convenient online ordering system and ship your annual supply to your home or office at no extra charge.
When you order an annual supply of contact lenses, you’ll also receive:
  • Special online pricing on certain lenses.
  • Complimentary shipping to your home or office.
  • Discounts on select sunglasses and back-up eye glasses.