Vision-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

Whats on the top of your holiday wishlist this year? Even if youre undecided about what to ask Santa for, maybe youve already begun shopping for the loved ones in your life. This year, as you pore over toy catalogs and social media ads about the hottest tech gadgets, consider giving a gift that will benefit the eye health of your recipient. Keep reading for some excellent, vision-friendly suggestions that will be practical and exciting to open during the holiday season:

Help protect eyes from digital strain with blue light blocking glasses: These glasses are an ideal gift because they combine both style and functionality to support the recipient’s healthy eye habits. Not only are blue light glasses stylish and useful, they are equipped with lenses that are designed to filter and reduce the potential effects of blue light emitted by electronic devices. This is a perfect gift for friends or family who spend long hours in front of computers or other electronic devices.

Give a spa-like gift with a heated eye mask: Eye masks are a wonderful holiday option because they will give your recipient a touch of luxury and relaxation during the hectic holiday season. A warm and soothing eye mask can be a very spa-like experience, but should be approached with some guidelines to prevent any damage to the eyes. Studies show that heated eye masks are considered to be safe when kept at a temperature no higher than 35-40 degrees Celsius. Its always best for you to consult an eye doctor before gifting one of these masks or using them yourself, but they can be very helpful for patients suffering from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. In fact, a Bruder Mask is the most common type of mask used specially for dry eye conditions. (Source).

Avoid giving toys that pose eye risks: When choosing toys for kids, there’s a wonderful opportunity to provide them with fun and engaging play experiences while prioritizing safety, particularly when it comes to their eye health. Some popular toys, like Nerf guns, water guns, lasers, and those with pointy features may seem exciting, but it’s important to be mindful of potential risks to their eyes. Even soft foam darts from Nerf guns can lead to eye injuries if they accidentally hit the eye, and water guns, especially when used at close range, might cause injury. Fortunately, the American Academy of Ophthalmology highlights that we have the power to prevent 90 percent of eye injuries through a combination of education and protective eyewear. So, by making thoughtful choices, we can ensure that playtime remains both enjoyable and safe for our kids.

Give the gift of style with sun protection: Designer sunglasses make for a splendid Christmas gift that not only adds a touch of style but also provides essential eye protection. High-quality shades are not just a fashion statement; they shield the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can be present year-round, and safeguard against conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. By gifting designer sunglasses, you are offering a blend of fashion and function, and giving something valuable that they may not buy for themselves. We offer a multitude of modern designer styles from brands like Prada and Coach here at Medical Eye Center and can help you select a thoughtful gift for you or your loved ones.

  • Give practical eyecare accessories: For someone who wears contact lenses or eyeglasses daily, a practical gift regarding eyecare accessories will be welcomed and appreciated. Some ideas include:
  • Contact lens case for travel: Amazon has unique options that combine a contact lens case and an eyeglass case for a compact travel solution.
  • Eye vitamins/supplements: There are various vitamins and supplements designed to support eye health, such as those containing lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids. Always consult with a healthcare professional before gifting or beginning these yourself.
  • Nutrient-Rich Food Baskets: Put together a gift basket filled with foods rich in eye-healthy nutrients, such as carrots, spinach, kale, and oranges, to promote a balanced diet.

Give high-quality protective eyewear: For the tradesmen, outdoor enthusiasts, or shooting enthusiasts in your life, consider the gift of safety-rated glasses like Wiley X this holiday season. These high-performance glasses are not only stylish but also engineered to meet the stringent safety standards required in various industries. Whether it’s construction, woodworking, or shooting sports, Wiley X glasses provide the ultimate eye protection, safeguarding against potential hazards like flying debris, harmful UV rays, or projectiles. Another wishlist item for outdoor enthusiasts are Maui Jim sunglasses, which provide some of the highest quality polarized lenses in the industry. This feature gives the wearer the appeal of heightened colors and glare protection in the field. By gifting safety glasses or high-quality sunwear, you’re not only enhancing their safety and comfort during their activities but also expressing your care for their hobbies and interests.

As you shop for and consider the gifts you will be buying this year, at Medical Eye Center can help you select items that will make the holiday season brighter and safer for those you care about. Through the end of the year, you can also use your FSA/HSA funds to purchase these crucial items for yourself and your family at incredible discounts (between 30 and 50% off!). Remember that HSA/FSA funds cannot be used for members outside your immediate family circle. Let’s look forward to the holidays with excitement, knowing that the gift of good vision is one of the most precious presents we can give. Contact our team today and embark on this eye-healthy adventure with us!